The 4 Best Bottled Alkaline Water Brands – Reviewed

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Looking for some alkaline water with high PH to get you back on track? We tested over 30 different alkaline water brands to find you our favorite 4 brands!

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What is the best alkaline water brand?

Now that more people are discovering the amazing health benefits of alkaline water, there are more people scrambling to find a great-tasting, reasonably priced bottled alkaline water to keep in stock at home.

Since bottled alkaline water isn’t always available in local grocery stores, we decided to test and review some of the biggest brands online to ensure that our top picks were available to everyone (at least everywhere Amazon delivers!).

Below you’ll find a breakdown on our favorite bottled alkaline waters according to their source, purification process, taste, and cost.

🌟top rated alkaline water


PH READING: 8.8-9.1

COST:$.07-.12 per oz

💚 What we like:

We love that Evamor comes from a protected natural source where it’s bottled directly and the water isn’t exposed to any human contact or air until you open it.


Some people complain that alkaline water has its own unique taste or texture, but the majority of Evamor drinkers agree that it tastes great without any strange texture or aftertaste.


It tastes great, it’s alive with minerals, it’s available in many different sized bottles and cases, and there’s nothing added or removed. It’s delicious, naturally alkaline water from an ancient source the way nature intended. Not only that, but Evamor alkaline water is regularly tested to ensure pH levels are where they’re supposed to be and evaluated by a third party laboratory. It’s clear that they take their water quality very seriously!

🌟most affordable alkaline water



COST:$.03-.05 per oz

💚 What we like:

Essentia water undergoes micro-filters, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure in order to filter it to 99.9% purity. It is then infused with electrolytes and ionized to create alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or higher.  We like the consistency of the process and knowing EXACTLY what’s in our water. 


While most people agree that Essentia tastes great and makes them feel better hydrated, there was a recall a couple years back (2014) that left some customers with a bad taste in their mouth about this brand. Recent reviews indicate that the quality product people initially fell in love with is back, but be sure to check expiration dates just in case. Anything from the last 2 years should be completely fine.


While we personally prefer water that is naturally alkaline, we love that Essentia is less expensive per ounce than many of its competitors and still tastes great. For people who want to drink alkaline water exclusively, this may be a better bang for your buck in the long-term than some of the other competitors.

🌟Naturally alkaline SPRING water


PH READING: 7.8 - 8.2

COST:$.04-.07 per oz

💚 What we like:

Previously imported from New Zealand, Eternal water is now sourced from three natural springs across the United States: the Shasta-Trinity Alps in California, the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and the Alleghany Mountains in New York. We really like that eternal water is domestic & naturally alkaline!


Eternal water has a clean, refreshing taste that most people enjoy, especially if they’re already used to drinking alkaline water.


In our opinion, the water seemed to taste better when it was sourced from New Zealand, but it still tastes great from its current sources across the USA and we love that it’s naturally alkaline and purified. The price is fair, but the shipping can get pricey when it comes to ordering online. We would drink Evamor over this brand because of their water source, quality, taste and free Prime shipping.

🌟Naturally alkaline SPRING water



COST:$.04-.07 per oz

💚 What we like:

Molly Water goes through an extensive purification process that results in 99.9% purity and contains natural ionic minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. So, we like that it’s extra pure, and yet contains great minerals!


Molly Water doesn’t have any kind of weird texture or taste. It’s infused with electrolytes which makes it a perfect drink before, during or after a workout for ultimate hydration.


Overall, Molly Water is a quality alkaline water and is a great source of magnesium. While it doesn’t come directly from a natural source, it does contain important minerals and tastes great. It’s far more expensive per ounce than any of our other choices, but it’s a much better choice to fuel physical activity over sugar-loaded drinks like Gatorade.

The Final Drop

While we genuinely enjoy each and every one of these brands, there is no doubt that Evamor alkaline water is our top choice. Its source is ancient and pristine and is regularly tested for pH and purity by third party labs. 

Their prices are competitive, it has a superior taste, it qualifies for free 2-day Prime shipping and it’s packed with natural minerals that your body will love!